Board Members

Nurden Cross - ACM Chairman

NurdenCrossCCfm 107.5 (Cape Community FM - Cape Town) - Station Manager
What do you do: I manage the day-to-day running of a community radio station, which includes the oversight and leadership of 5 division heads, a full time staff of 21 people and 60 part time staff and/or volunteers.
Where did You Grow Up: I grew up in Polokwane, Limpopo Province, in the North of South Africa;
Your Journey with God: I was raised in a Christ-centred home, with a family legacy of planting churches. I committed my life to the Lord at age 12 and was our church’s Youth Leader by the age of 16. Whilst at University, in my third year of studies, I received a strong call from God to use my God-given gifts to launch into creative ministry. When looking at the example of Christ, I became convicted about the power of telling stories through music, drama, dance and film. I went on to later launch and run a Christian Theatre Company which I was involved with for eight years. Following this, my continual involvement with mentoring and managing musicians and artists, led me to become involved in the Christian Music Industry. I headed up various record labels and music distribution companies for over 20 years. All with the purpose of utilizing the arts and media to communicate the message of Christ.
One thing you are passionate about: The Arts, Music, Reading and mentorship.
What is your view of the ACM: The ACM is strategically placed at the centre of South African Christian media organisations, in order to provide a service to our members, through giving inspiring wisdom and leadership. We are here to serve.


David Hotchkiss

David Hotchkiss

Sarepta Radio Consulting - Founder and Director

What do you do: Assist radio stations to be more effective organisations, particularly in communicating the Christian Gospel.

Where did you grow up: I was born in Durban and grew up in Kloof, west of the city.

Your journey with God: I committed my life to Jesus at high-school, under the ministry of Michael Cassidy, and my faith was consolidated at UCT, where I studied engineering. In response to God’s call, my wife Janet & I did two years of missions training in the UK, and shortly after that I joined the African Enterprise (AE) team for about 13 years. I left AE to focus more on my calling to Christian radio, pioneering Christian community radio in South Africa at Radio Maritzburg. Part of my journey with God was serving the ACB (now ACM) as General Manager for a number of years.

One thing you are passionate about: Using media to communicate Christian truth in love.

What is your view of the ACM: ACM is an amazing platform to help Christians use media effectively, together.


Darius Koekemoer

18194208 10158477783450532 1220715862936689075 nTBN in Africa – Content & Scheduling Manager

 What do you do?: I manage all content related matters for TBN in Africa, Advertising on the Network and Website/Social Media for the Channel. In this role, I am focused on sourcing, acquiring and maintaining all media on the network, as well as the managing and scheduling thereof on all the relevant platforms.

Where did you grow up?: Born in Uitenhage, just outside of Port Elizabeth, I grew up in King William’s Town, a small town outside of East London, with my roots proudly stemming from the Eastern Cape.

Your journey with God: My journey started when I gave my life to the Lord during a Youth Camp at the age of 13. A few months later the Lord opened up the doors for me to start serving at TBN as a volunteer in 1997. This proved to be a defining moment in my life as I am still serving, at TBN to this day, which confirms my calling to Christian Media.

One thing you are passionate about: I am passionate about representing God to the best of my ability. As he has called me to serve Him in Christian Media I take it upon myself to do things unto God, at all times, which glorifies His Name through everything that is achieved.

What is your view of the ACM?: The ACM is a central point where all forms of Christian Media can come together as different parts of the Body of Christ. Here connections are made to further the reach of God’s Kingdom by redefining Christian media and leading the way into a new exciting era of authentic credible Christian broadcasting.




Rikus van Rooy

Rikus van RooyRadio Tygerberg - Content Manager

What do you do: Content Manager

Where did you grow up: Born and bred in Cape Town

Your journey with God: I committed my life to Jesus at high-school and was actively involved in missions as a student at Stellenbosch University. I always had a passion for radio and started a gospel music programme on the campus radio station (MFM). My first job was as a teacher and I studied part time to complete my Honors degree in Industrial Psychology. I ended in media and just loved it from the start. I never thought I will one day work fulltime in radio (or ministry) but God had other plans. Rom 8:28 became a reality in my life: And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

One thing you are passionate about: Radio! The impact radio have on the lives of many is just amazing.

What is your view of the ACM: I love the fact the like-minded media organizations can network and work together for the greater good. The ACM gives organizations that platform. 


Valerie Govender

Valerie 002Focus on the Family: Africa - Communications Director

What do you do: I manage all elements of marketing, communication and broadcasting within the organization.

Where did you grow up: I am a Durban girl – born and raised!

Your journey with God:  I came to know Jesus as my Lord and Savior in 2000, having grown up in a Hindu home. Being the youngest in my family, news of my decision to convert was not easily accepted but I thank God for his grace – today I can testify that my whole family is saved.  Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me – is the scripture that defines me. I have experienced the supernatural power of Christ that’s made me in overcomer. No words can ever aptly express my gratitude for the gift of salvation.

One thing you are passionate about: I have a passion for the lost and broken-hearted – and I am committed to using my God-given talents and gifts to tell them about the unconditional love of Christ.

What is your view of the ACM: The ACM is a respected and powerful organization that supports Christian media, in the hope that more people will come to know the love of Jesus and experience eternal life through Him.




Natalie Turco

1932410 10152187906476991 6499603919048622898 nWhat do you do: I work as a freelance co-ordinator and administrator for the ACM.

 Where did You Grow Up: I grew up in Johannesburg until I was 10 and then I moved to Durban where I still live now.

Your Journey with God: I grew up in a Christian home and have been a Christian since I was very young. It has been an exciting journey with many nail biting moments! Over the years God has become so precious to me as He reveals His goodness and faithfulness to me over and over again.

One thing you are passionate about: I am passionate about spreading hope, and that makes me passionate about Christian media. I thoroughly enjoy the work I do in supporting those that spread the message of hope and make a difference in our world. In my spare time I am passionate about being creative and decorating my home.

What is your view of the ACM: Media is a very powerful tool for good and evil, in God’s hands media will transform lives, communities and nations. The ACM provides a platform on which Christian media can work in unity to support eachother and strengthen eachother as we all work towards the same goal of extending the Kingdom of God.